ICWA: Beyond the Law

In the ECHO hybrid Child, Family, and Tribe: Bringing ICWA to Life, you’ll consider uncertainties you may have around ICWA as you explore its roots and legal requirements—and its far-reaching impact on the Native families we serve. Join us to demystify this important law. Follow the link below and search ICWA.

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Put your oxygen mask on first: Self-Care in DR

Resilience’ refers to a person’s ability to “bounce back” from hardship. For many, Covid-19 has revealed some of the biggest challenges of our lives. Never have we needed to be more resilient than now. We’ll dig into the science behind the power of positivity. We’ll discover the resources you need to champion your resilience. We’ll show you the way back to your ‘best self’ and we’ll move forward together, through these unprecedented times. Join us for the next virtual DR Learning Exchange on June 24th!

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